Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No time

I never get on this thing. I just don't have the time. I am supposed to be working on a huge-o project right now. But I'm taking a study break. It's not due until next Thursday, so I have some time, right? :) So, what's going on lately? Let me fill you in.

Jack turned one!! And he's walking. And he's getting a mouthful of teeth. I don't think I was ready for this to happen all at once. It just blows me away how fast things go. I know everyone says that, but you never really understand until you're a parent. It amazes me how fast he learns. Today I was getting the kitchen ready to be swept and mopped. I got out the broom and dustpan before I moved the furniture, so I set it down. Jack picked them both up and started "sweeping" the floor! (Does that tell you how much I clean?!?!) He pushed that broom all over the floor and every once in a while, he would squat down and put the dustpan on the floor. He is a little imitator. But so sweet!

Speaking of school... I graduate in two months! (knock on wood) This part of my life is flying by as well. Well, not the first few years of college, but definitely this last semester! I am so glad to be able to see the end. But then again, I desperately want to go to law school. That whole can of worms is the makings for another blog post...

And me graduating means us moving. I have such mixed feelings on this one. I am very much looking forward to going and seeing new places, and starting our lives together. I am thrilled at the fact that we will really be on our own, which means we are really the parents, really in charge, really able to make the decisions that affect our lives. It's not that we don't do all of these things now, it's just that I am so much connected to my family- my parents. And I still feel like the kid. I don't know why... But I am excited to begin our life as the Hunt's, not as Will's son or Bethany's sister, ya know?
On the other hand, I am so sad to leave. I have made some remarkable friends here, mainly in the past year. And the thought of leaving them and leaving our friendships just kills me. I mean, there's always facebook and blogger, but that's not really involved friendship, which is what I have now. And I understand I will meet many people along the way, but I also like the ones right here.
Oh yes, and then there's the terrified part. haha. It's just a small small sliver, but come on, who wouldn't be? Raising a family in a place you've never lived, around people you don't know, in an environment you know hardly anything about (USMC)?? Yeah, a little scary.

Ah, saved by the scream. It's the bathtime scream...The kiddo calls. Night.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm watching Dr. Phil (i know...blah) and he is talking about that lady that just had octuplets. She is crazy, and I think it's unfair to her kids. They just had a thing on there that estimated she would spend $30K on diapers in a year and $30K on formula a year. Plus, she would spend 30 hours a day breastfeeding. Note: there are not 30 hours in a day. Crazy!!

On to today. I went shopping!! I sooo needed it too. Shawn doesn't know how much I spent yet. It wasn't a whole lot, but I don't think I had the green light to shop for myself today. :) It was supposed to be a Valentine's and birthday shopping trip- I was getting Shawn's vday gift and Jack's birthday present. And I did both of these things. Shawn got two nice ties and Jack got some Converse. His feet are growing so fast, he's already outgrown his 12-18 month shoes. So, during all of this selflessness, I thought, you know, if my parents keep Jack Saturday night, Shawn and I can go out. I want to look nice for our date, and I have not bought new clothes since before Jack was born. So I got a pair of nice, dark jeans, a button-down white shirt, some navy dress pants for church, and another, more casual shirt. And almost everything was on sale! I am so excited!! And I'm gonna look good! Haha.

So, yay for today! I'm gonna go now and start dinner before church. Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's always something

As evidenced by my title, this is going to be a complaining blog. :) Ready?

For the past two days, I have had some sort of teeth/jaw/head pain. I thought it was just me grinding my teeth at night or something. But I have abandoned that notion. It has gotten progressively worse and I have come up with a few possible explanations.

1.) I have a wisdom tooth coming in (no, I haven't had them out yet) and it is pushing all of the teeth in my upper jaw around.
2.) I have the mother of all sinus infections. This is what I want it to be, and seems like it could be. The entire left side of my face hurts, from my forehead to my ear to my neck when you press on it. And even when you don't. I can hardly open my mouth, let alone chew, and my upper jaw bone on the left side is throbbing.
3.) I have some sort of horrible cavity that went undetected and traveled all the way into my jaw bone and now I'm gonna have to have my whole head removed.
4.) My dad suggested TMJ. Psh, whatever.

Ok, so that sucks. And I have a test tomorrow that is going to trump all tests I have ever taken. And I am going to have to miss church to study. So, that sucks too. But it was a nice nice day today, and I got to take Jack for a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon, so that was good. Oh, and about the head pain... I do not have dental yet through Shawn and the USMC, so I'm not really wanting to go and pay an arm and a leg for a diagnosis. So I might just see a regular doctor. I'll fit that into my schedule somewhere... Gah! Also, I need to get a cake ordered for Jack's birthday very very soon. I would make one, but I don't know...

Alright then, enough for today, I have to get to studying again.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

4th Picture

Ok, I am doing this for Angela. But since I have friends on here besides her (well, I guess I should say 'you', since no one else reads this...) Anyway, I am not going to tag anyone. Because she's already bee tagged. But I will play by the rules and post a pic!

This is a (very) close-up of Shawn and me on our honeymoon in Ruidoso, New Mexico. We were driving up a mountain and stopped to get out and look at the view. September 2007.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Wow, it's been a while! I have been so so busy since the last post. My fall semester wrapped up...I made the Dean's List, by the way (woot woot!), so you know it was a busy semester. Christmas went well. We spent our last Christmas in Texas (for a while at least) driving all over the great state. That made for many not-so-fun hours in the car, especially with an increasingly independent and mobile kiddo, but we got to see everyone we wanted to, and that's all that matters.

As for 2009, it has gotten off to a positive start. Shawn started working at the OSO office with the Marines, so we have an income again... whew! Jack started Sonshine school again, which gives Momma a little break, and I started the first day of my last semester of undergrad this morning! I am excited. I feel so old now in my classes, knowing this is it! Plus, being married and a mom make me feel old too. As compared to the other kids in class. Whereas they are talking about the party last night or going to Chimy's after the test, I'm thinking about the fastest route to the car and daycare, what I'm feeding everyone for supper and the 400 loads of laundry that I need to get done... It certainly gives you perspective. Anyway, I am only taking 4 classes this semester, so it shouldn't be too terrible, although the schedule is horrible and so far it looks like I am going to have an obscene amount of busywork. But, I can do it. I have an amazing husband who (usually, haha!) helps all he can and awesome friends who have offered to help out with my scheduling quirks. I COULD NOT make this semester work without them!!
And, the countdown has begun. For graduation, Jack's 1 year birthday (holy moly), moving..... it's all sad in a lot of ways. But it's also so exciting. I have very mixed emotions about the Marine Corps and what that job means for our family, which I am sure I will be filling you in on throughout the remainder of our time here. But for now, I think I'm gonna try to make a dent in some housework! --Jack's napping!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New. (not really)

I'm rejoining the world of blogging. I've just been so busy lately. It's finals time and I am scrambling to make sure I have everything done, or on track to being done. I've only got a semester left!! I am so ready...

Jack went for his 9 month check-up Monday. Everything looked good, and contrary to everyone's beliefs, he is in the 50th percentile for weight, so HE'S NOT FAT! If I hear one more chubby remark... Ha, just kidding. Kids are supposed to have rolls. Anyway, he is sick now. Just like last time we took him to the doctor, he's got a stuffy/runny nose and coughing. I mean, I know it's a germy place full of sick kiddos, but jeez! I hate hate hate when he is sick. And he got his first half of the flu shot. They said it shouldn't make him sick, so I can't blame this on that. Oh well.

Tomorrow we are having Thanksgiving at Shawn's grandparents. I'm ready to see all of the family. Plus, I don't have to cook or bring anything, so I am psyched to eat a meal that I didn't have to prepare myself. Is that selfish? Maybe. Do I care? Not one bit. Speaking of family, we got an invitation in the mail today for our neice's first birthday party. Crazy. I was there when she was born, there's no way she can be a year old. Plus, if she's a year old, that means Jack is only a two months away from being a year old, and I just don't think I can stand that. A year!! So much has happened in a year, it's amazing. And sad! I almost, well, more than almost, want to have another kid again, just to keep the baby smell in the house. No, not the dirty diaper-pail smell, the lotiony, powdery, wonderful wonderful smell. Man. I'm a sucker for this motherhood business.

Ok, well, the kiddo is crying (snap out of the wishing for another one) so I'm off. Everyone have a good Turkey Day.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Man, it's been a while. I'm thoroughly depressed. Or, about to be. I'm watching the election results on TV... I am mad at the people who didn't vote and mad at the people who voted based strictly on race- white or black. I cannot believe that the people of this country could let such a weighted decision rest on what color person they like better. Actually, I can believe it, because most people these days are lazy and greedy and irresponsible and only a few of us still understand that we have responsibilities as citizens, parents, children, employees, mentors, Christians...I could go on. I just hope that the man we elect, whomever it may be, has God in his heart and our children's best interest in mind.


I only have 7 more days of school left this semester! I'm so excited. And then only one semester left til graduation. I register on Friday, and I have to say, it's going to feel good registering for my last college hours of undergrad EVER!! In order to make sure I make it to that graduation, I have to study for a test now. Sorry to be on my soap-box tonight.